The project

In order to involve the younger guests of the Camping site, a mascot has been created for the communication project – an animated seagull – that gives helpful hints for an eco-sustainable vacation. The Decalogue with the suggestions on how to behave has been made into a poster affixed in the most frequented areas or those with the highest risks of eco “incompatibility”. The seagull invites everyone to carry out “door to door” differentiated waste collection, encourages the use of specific containers, water savings, the use of ashtrays on the beach for cigarette butts, and the collection used oil.

There are a myriad of technical measures adopted by the camping site aimed at avoiding unnecessary wasting of water and at monitoring the water supply by means of electronic meters installed in the accommodation units and on the distribution columns of the tent areas. This measure serves the purpose of safeguarding the water resources and acts as a deterrent against waste.



Respecting the forest and the undergrowth helps preserve the ecosystem.


Pouring waste water into the specific drains facilitates purification through the wastewater network.


Attaching the cords to the trees ruins their bark.


Differentiated waste collection is a habit to be maintained also when on vacation.


Digging trenches and holes damages the roots of the trees.


Disposing of your waste in the collection bins helps keep the environment clean and tidy.


Lighting open-flame fires can cause a bush fire.


Using ashtrays is a civil gesture and reduces the risk of fires.


Using water parsimoniously and notifying any leakage will help save water.


Complying with the Camping site silence rules protects your peace and that of others.