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Tuscany apart from being rich in beaches and hills also hides a huge quantity of active geological features where the volcanic activity of the distant past is still visible with traces on the surface, none more clearer than in Monterotondo Marittimo.

Where It is

About one hour from Punta Ala the hills of Monterotondo are visible to the whole area, characterised in the middle of the wilderness by some cooling towers, where 20 percent of the Energy used in Tuscany is generated.


The Area

Monterotondo is built on the rocky hills referred to as the “Colline Metallifere,” this is a reference to the high quality of minerals that are contained within the rocks and that have been mined for thousands of years.

The Biancane is an interesting formation as on the surface it is possible to see water and steam bubbling to the surface the and the resultant formations that form in those conditions.

A  Geological Walk

The main part of “Le Biancane,” involves walking around the features ont eh side of the hill. With 2 hours at a very easy going pace it is possible to explore the well sign posted routes and take in the really quite special location.

The Town

“Le Biancane,” is located on the out skirts of the town of Monterotondo. There are many industrial style buildings around that all are dedicated to the natural features where hot water and steam mix.


Fundamentally Tuscany is not just beach and sea it is also rock and mountains, which contain by that of their volcanic creation a significant amount of other features that when explored are a great part of any time in the Maremma.

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