Happy Hour @Beach Sport Arena

24 Jul 2022 12:48

It happens on Monday in the area dedicated to beach-sports in front of the Isolotto Café & Restaurant. 
Sheltered from the heat under a safari tent, on comfortable poufs or with a simple towel on the grass carpet, every Mon. from July 25th and August 1st-8th-22nd-29th, we organize the Happy Hour (6pm to 8pm) with drinks for everybody at a nice price. 
Registrations open as early as 4.45pm, sports tournament matches (beach soccer, beach volleyball and table tennis) organized by the AnimaVera fun-crew will start from 5pm. 
The party starts at the same time for those who want to join, to have a cold drink and to relax just listening to music louder than usual! 

We remind you that we do not accept cash. You can pay for your drinks only with electronic cards (from an ATM or prepaid card to Satispay).