Are you visiting our resort for a sport event or for spending a day on the beach to discover our destination?

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A contactless experience

The need to ensure safety during this period has led us to develop new computerised systems aimed at eliminating any risk of contagion between us and our guests.


During this season 2021, our online check-in is joined by two new applications: one for booking activities, sports lessons or rentals from the comfort of your beach umbrella, another one for managing access to the site and to some mobile homes (Limo and Deck) using your smartphone. Last but not least, for the end of your vacation we will activate a web check-out procedure that will allow the owner of the account to pay any extras or the balance via a link they will receive a few days prior to departure. Below you will find detailed information on each of the systems implemented.


Web check-in: Usually 72 hours before your arrival, we will send an e-mail to the address used to confirm your reservation. This will contain useful information to help you prepare for your trip as well as a link to the web app to complete the registration required by law. All fields for the details regarding the person who booked the stay and their travel companions must be completed in advance, including the field “vehicle licence plate”, so that upon arrival the guests can cross the vehicle entrance point and reach the reception area. In that area, our team welcomes the guests using the salt@lafila system, carries out a quick health check, formalises the arrival, hands out 2 passes for the automated gates, and grants access to the pitches for campers/caravans or tents or hands over the key or card for the assigned accommodation.

IMPORTANT: Guests who upon arrival have not yet carried out this procedure can complete it on site, but they will lose any priority they had acquired with their appointment. In this summer season 2021 as well, we will not accept drop-in guests, but only guests who have booked their stay or their day pass in advance.


If there are just a few days left before your arrival and you want to start the registration and check-in procedure, click here.


Salt@lafila: Following the web check-in, to formalise arrival at the camping site a brief confirmation is needed to check the health of each incoming guest and grant entry to the site. This procedure takes place on the day of arrival by appointment based on a calendar of available time slots. When registering on the web app PuntAla Salt@lafila, a system similar to that used by supermarket chains for access to their stores, the guest receives a short code that must be shown to our reception team. Guests without a code can request one on site by making an appointment for the first available time slot, or they can receive assistance by phone via our help hotline at the number +390564922294.


If you are going to arrive in less than 7 days and you would like to make an appointment for the reception process, click here.


MyAppy: Thanks to this application, guests can book any of the services offered at the camping site from the comfort of their accommodation, whether this is a pitch or a mobile home, or even already from home. A tennis lesson, renting an e-bike, ordering a drink under the beach umbrella, a sailing course, a SUP outing or entry to the high ropes course are just a few examples of services available via the app. The purpose is once again to avoid gatherings and limit contact with our team to what is strictly necessary.


If you want to download the app and discover which services are available with this new service, click here GPlay | Apple Store.


Web check-out: Shortly before your departure (usually within the 36 hours before the departure time) we will send a new e-mail to the address of the guest who had registered as the head of the family or group. This message will contain a link to a system for the online payment of any extra services, balances due and the tourist tax. Only once this procedure has been completed will it be possible to cross the vehicle entrance with the car to load the luggage.

IMPORTANT: It is not necessary to come to the cash desk to complete this operation, since payments are accepted only in electronic form, around the clock, and are cashless and therefore contactless. Our help hotline can assist guests by phone (7 am to 11 pm daily), and help is provided in person only as a last resort.


Help hotline, a single number for all your needs: The physical reception and cash desk have become a virtual support team that responds remotely at the single number +390564922294 from 7 am to 11 pm daily for the whole season. The voice guide of our telephone system will put you into contact with the first available operator to solve any questions linked to booking, check-in and check-out, and assistance on site. This new way of interacting with guests helps to better protect everyone’s health by reducing physical contact with our team or accidentally with other guests to a minimum.