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Every year over 8 million tons of plastic end up in the oceans.
In full awareness of this and other critical issues affecting the most precious environment for us - and following the directives already implemented by the municipalities we belong to, Castiglione della Pescaia and Scarlino, as well as the neighbouring ones of Follonica and other municipalities in the area - we have also decided to take action. Here's how we'll do it:

>From June 1 we will be distributing snacks, food and drinks only using mono-use and compostable material at the beach kiosk and indoor bars, as well as at the food counters and on the shelves of the market.

Your "cala-sole (sunset)" aperitifs will not be penalised by the new environmentally friendly materials ... Indeed, you too will be able to say: "we drink more responsibly"

>We are completing the installation of 6 distribution points for chilled, filtered water, cooled, natural and sparkling (20 cents/litre) along some of the main paths inside the structure, at the entrance to the internal supermarket, in the Event Areaand the Isolotto area. We invite you to immediately start using glass containers or in any case containers that can be recycled for stocking up with the necessary water supplies at all distribution points.


You will find only glass bottles in use at our restaurants and bars; all the plastic bottles sold at our supermarket will gradually be replaced by glass. Glass, a material that is often indispensable in this context, but it also contributes to environmental pollution, which will be managed according to the logic of re-use with returnable empties, as has been the case for years in "more circular" economies in some Nordic countries with which we are already familiar.

>For serving water at the table, we invite you to use the glass carafes supplied with each of our mobile homes, filling them with water from the tap, always drinkable. In order to quench your thirst at the sea, or when you have been playing sport for some time, we recommend aluminium or glass water bottles from the wide range can find at the market (you can also find pretty ones at our internal bazaar!).


These actions of greater environmental sustainability are milestones on a road-map to travel together and which should lead us, in three seasons, towards avoiding the use of plastic when on holiday here with us:

2019> a 55% reduction in the use of plastic materials 

2020> an 80% reduction in the use of plastic materials

2021> plastic free

Common goals: help us reach them