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PuntAla Safe and Clean Program


Dear Esteemed Guests,

The way we live, work and travel has changed dramatically since the outbreak of the COVID-19 global pandemic.

The health and well-being of our family, friends and colleagues is a constant concern and priority for everyone.  Social distancing and online services and interactions have become the norm.  Therefore, we have adopted the latest technologies, enhanced the training of our employees and strengthened our already strict health, safety and cleaning procedures to launch a new program designed to give you peace of mind from check-in to check-out.

Our “PuntAla Safe and Clean” program focuses on two areas that we believe you will appreciate most:  a contactless experience throughout your stay and significantly improved cleaning and disinfection practices, certified by our partner Sfera Ingegneria srl, expert in the field of occupational health and workplace safety.

I would like to take this opportunity to explain the highlights of our new “PuntAla Safe and Clean” program, which is our promise to you during your stay as a guest in our facility.


A contactless experience

To ensure that your stay with us is as contactless as possible, we are offering a wide range of digital services on our website and web-based applications for instant messaging, SMS and email.  Here are some examples:

  • Online check-in prior to arrival
  • Restaurant menus displayed via QR code
  • Fast online check-out
  • Automatically opening electronic gate access to the beach

Other contactless service accommodations include:

  • All of our restaurants offer a packaged take-away meal option
  • Breakfast service and fresh bread is sealed and delivered to your door (where included in your stay) without human interaction
  • Change of linens sanitized and carefully wrapped according to the most stringent anti-contagion measures


Utmost attention to cleanliness

The already rigorous cleaning and disinfection program at PuntAla Camp & Resort has been further enhanced, with an increased frequency of cleaning in all areas of the facility and the introduction of new disinfection treatments throughout the establishment using hydrogen peroxide aerosol.

PuntAla Camp & Resort has partnered with Sfera Ingegneria to check, validate and improve cleaning, disinfection and sanitization processes in all areas of the resort, guaranteeing that local, regional and international standards of cleaning, health and safety are met.

The company’s strategy for cleaning and managing the accommodations has been strengthened with several additional measures that allow guests to “feel welcomed into a safe space” when staying with us.

Mobile homes are subjected to a deep cleaning and disinfection process using alcohol on all surfaces and on the points of greatest contact.  A further sterilization process using a hydrogen peroxide solution ensures a “completely safe” environment.  All home furnishings are subject to washing and sanitizing after each stay.  Once the protocols are finished, the accommodations are sealed in order to ensure arriving guests a “safe place” to call home.


Third party certification

The new procedures and reception services at PuntAla Camp & Resort are overseen and certified by our partner, Sfera Ingegneria.  As part of the certification process, Sfera Ingegneria is conducting monthly audits of the accommodations, common areas, restroom and shower facilities and food service points throughout the resort, as well as providing legal training to our team.  The cleaning and disinfection products used have been carefully selected in order to offer our guests the highest guarantee of hygiene.

Our partner Sfera Ingegneria is responsibility for monitoring and verifying the cleaning and disinfection procedures in every part of our establishment, as well as ensuring that PuntAla Camp & Resort has implemented the best practices in health and safety for our employees and guests.


What our guests can expect:


  • All our staff wear personal protective equipment (PPE) and adopt strict hygiene protocols

Common Areas:

  • Controlled gates and video surveillance limit physical personnel
  • Health screening with temperature measurement
  • Distributors of hand-sanitizing solutions in all common areas, in restroom and shower

facilities, shops, restaurants, bars, pedestrian pathways, reception and payment offices.

  • Implementation of separate entry and exit corridors and pathways ensure adequate social distancing
  • Increased frequency of cleaning in common areas




  • Rigorous cleaning and disinfection of the accommodation and its furnishings with a peroxide-based solution
  • Removal of all unnecessary decorations



  • Tables are reserved for the exclusive use of a single family or friends, spaced far from one another even beyond the requirements of the law
  • A-la-carte menu is available via QR code
  • Takeaway service options with safe food packaging
  • Organization of entry and exit routes guarantee interpersonal distancing



  • Disinfection and daily cleaning of umbrellas and sunbeds
  • Organization of entry and exit pathways guarantee interpersonal distancing



  • A protocol inside the premises with controlled entry, disinfection of shopping carts and use of disposable gloves to avoid any contact
  • Organization of entry and exit pathways guarantee interpersonal distancing


We have implemented all these measures to safeguard your health and well-being and to make you feel comfortable and safe during your stay with us.

I would also like to reassure you that we will continue to closely monitor the Covid-19 pandemic as it evolves, both globally and in the market in which we operate, reviewing and adapting procedures accordingly, in line with the advice and guidelines of the authorities.

The world has been turned upside down by this global pandemic, causing inconveniences and uncertainty, and we fully understand that guests may be anxious when leaving home to enter a completely reinvented vacation environment.

Nevertheless, I would like to assure you that although our operating procedures have changed to protect you, the warm welcome you will receive when you stay with us has definitely not.  The spirit of hospitality in Tuscany and Maremma that characterizes us so well is alive today more than ever, strengthened by our new promise of “tranquility” designed to make you feel safe and entrusted into our care.

On behalf of the entire PuntAla Camp & Resort team, I look forward to welcoming you soon.

Stay safe,


Thomas Andrew Daddi

General Manager

PuntAla Camp & Resort

Campeggio Puntala srl