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A new attraction in our playground

Soon we will offer a new experience dedicated to our youngest guests.

This garden will involve them "in every sense"!

The realisation of a new space in the playground in front of the Ristorante Centrale is nearly complete. It will include various paths created to stimulate the senses, where children will interact with different elements and perceptions will create new experiences.

Water path (tactile and olfactory)
This is a brook paved with river pebbles and adorned with aromatic plants. A manual pump starts the water flowing while other play features permit its manipulation. 

Sand path (tactile)
A path made of the finest sand leads the children to a sandbox where they can play on a construction site made of wood. 

Musical path (auditory)
A balancing path on beams leads from the sand to the musical path made up of flowers with which to create sounds, interconnected tubes to talk to each other over a distance, cylinders and drums of various sizes to use as percussion instruments.

Mirror path (visual)
An area surrounded by high coloured tree trunks contains a series of distorting mirrors that reflect bizarre images, ideal for taking funny selfies.