PAYCARD PuntAla (2019)

PAYCARD PuntAla – Instructions for use

What it is for: this card replaces the use of cash (no longer accepted) and compensates for credit cards, debit cards and cash cards, and every other form of electronic payment not normally widespread among children and the elderly.

What it is: this card is an electronic purse, a rechargeable credit card to use during the period of the vacation, which provides the bearer with credit to spend in all the commercial sales points of the PuntAla Camp & Resort; therefore anyone holding the Pay Card can present it at these establishments to make purchases.

How to obtain it: each "team leader" (account holder for the stay) receives one of these cards upon arrival. Other cards for accompanying persons or day guests can be requested from the reception of the PuntAla Camp & Resort. For each card issued a security deposit of 5.00 euro is required. The card can then be used by anyone who has material possession of the same.

How to charge and recharge the card: this is possible at the PuntAla Camp & Resort reception desk, from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm and from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm, cash only, with a limit of 50.00 euro for the first top-up. The card cannot have credit exceeding 100.00 euro.


How to use it: like any debit/credit card, you just hand it over to the operator at the cash desk. Thanks to an RFID technology device the amount spent will be deducted from your credit.


When to return it: when checking out or before departure, from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm and from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm, after which it will be automatically disabled. The cards held by day guests are disabled at the end of the day. Upon handing back the card at the central reception, in both cases, the security deposit will also be returned. Any remaining credit can be transferred under the same conditions to another credit card belonging to the cardholder and presented by the same or refunded to the bearer at any time. 


In the event of failure to return the card according to the above terms, the card will be disabled at the seasonal closure date, after which it can no longer be recharged and the bearer will only be entitled to the refunding of any remaining credit but not of the security deposit, provided this occurs by the seasonal closure date.

What to do in case of loss: immediately notify the reception in order to deactivate the card and request a duplicate card on which the remaining credit will be reactivated, subject to a deposit paid for the new card. 

How to check the transactions and the remaining credit: download the web app, register on the portal and always keep an eye on the expenses charged on all your active cards, divided by date and point of sale. Alternatively, go to the reception and ask the operator to check for you.

Download the web-appPAYCARD PuntAla” to check your credit