12 Mar 2019 11:26

This is the slogan that since 2017 has best represented the idea of a “forest holiday” in the context of the renewed identity concept of PuntAla Camp & Resort. What we offer is an outdoor holiday service, and we believe that this “international” definition sums this up perfectly following our previous concept of a “natural lifestyle”.

We feel that the combination of hosted and nature is tailor-made for us. We also know that each of our guests is looking for a personalised vacation. Some search for the fragrances of the pine forest, others imagine their children’s carefree play or some good company, others again want to enjoy their favourite sports.

These then are the “paradoxical” elements in a hosted by nature scenario that cannot be missing from the wardrobe of a Punta Ala seaside holiday:

Your room with a view (hosted by nature)

Your videogame (hosted by nature)

Your fitness center (hosted by nature)

Your virtual reality (hosted by nature)

Your 5 stars restaurant (hosted by nature)

Your infinity pool bar (hosted by nature)