28 Sep 2020 17:58

Dearest Guests,

we will give you assistance as soon as we are back in operation, after a period of rest, starting from the next year.

We will follow up on the booking requests for the 2021 season sent to our email address, queuing them in chronological order to those that will arrive via the booking engine available online with a click here.

If you are looking for general information about the resort, the type of accommodation and our facilities, we refer you to our official website, reminding you that some contents may not be updated in real time.

We suggest you follow us on our social media channels on which, with texts, videos and images, we will try to keep a thread with those who love us.

FB: @puntala

IG: Puntala_hostedbynature

Linked In: Campeggio Puntala 

If you are a collaborator, a supplier or a consultant and you already know your contact person in the company, please contact him directly or wait for his reply to the email that we will send to him / her on your behalf.

Thanks for your patience.

PuntAla - The Team