FAQ COVID-19 | All the answers you are looking for!

13 Apr 2021 13:53

We've collected the most frequent questions that have reached us via our booking office or our online channels. On this page we provide the answers as they are certain today and try to keep them short without being superficial. The answers are divided into two sections: Bookings, changes and cancellations; Services and their restrictions for reasons of hygienic/health-related safety and interpersonal distancing.




Can I change my reservation for 2021 free of charge?

Yes! If you have booked with a Standard or Flexible rate, you can always change your reservation before you arrive at the campsite by contacting our booking office not later than 5 p.m. on the second day before your reservation’s arrival date. You can change the number of guests (within the limits of the maximum capacity of the accommodation/pitch), add or remove accessory services or change both the type of accommodation/pitch and the dates of your holiday, always depending on availability.

You will not be charged any fee for these changes. However, any changes made may result in a change to the total cost of your holiday, so that either you may have to pay for the difference or we may give you a voucher*.

*If the Italian authorities require the issuing of such a voucher 

If you have booked with a PROMOTIONAL rate, you are not entitled to any refund except for the issuing of a voucher* if you must cancel your holiday because of the epidemiological emergency.

*If the Italian authorities require the issuing of such a voucher 

Can I move my stay to 2022?

Yes! If you have booked with a Standard or Flexible rate and you wish to move your reservation to 2022, our booking office will transfer your arrival/departure dates, the type of accommodation/pitch and the deposit you have already made for your 2021 reservation to an identical plan for the next season. At the same time you can change the dates and the duration. In this case as well, you will not be charged any fee for the changes, but the changes made may result in a change to the total cost of your holiday, so that either you may have to pay for the difference or we may give you a voucher*.

*If the Italian authorities require the issuing of such a voucher 


If you have booked with a non-refundable rate, you cannot make any changes.


Can I cancel my reservation free of charge?

Yes! This is possible until the arrival date if you have booked with Standard rate. If you have booked with an Extra flexible rate you can cancel without any penalty until 30 April 2021; after that date, you can cancel until 5 p.m. on the second day before the arrival date; in this case, the deposit you made will be refunded except for a deduction of 200.00 euros as established by the plan of the flexible rate.

If you have booked with a PROMOTIONAL (non-refundable) rate, you can still cancel your reservation, but your deposit will not be refunded.


When do I have to pay the balance of my stay?

We do not ask you to pay the balance before your arrival if you have booked your holiday with a Standard rate. You can pay the balance due before the end of your stay using the web checkout function (we will let you know when and how).

The advance payment, in the amount of 100% of the sole accommodation costs, must be paid within 3 days of the booking date if you book your holiday with a Flexible, Extra flexible and Promotional rate.


What happens if I don’t show up?

If you simply do not show up without giving prior notice, your reservation will be cancelled and PuntAla Camp & Resort will keep the deposit already paid or the amount of the first night of the stay (no-show) without any further penalties for the guest.


Do I need to pay extra for cleaning?

No, there are no additional fees for the extraordinary disinfection measures required by the latest indications in the guidelines of the competent authorities. We have always considered cleaning of the accommodations to be extremely important. A dedicated and adequately trained team cleans and disinfects the accommodation before your arrival and after your departure, including particular treatments with hydrogen peroxide.


Can I use the vacation bonus at your resort? 

Yes, we’re taking part in this initiative, but under certain conditions: you can redeem the vacation bonus established by the so-called "Relaunch Decree" at our resort, but only if the sole accommodation cost of your reservation is equal to or exceeds 600.00 euros and if the stay will take place before the end of the 2021 season (4 October).

This credit, which can be used only once per household, is equal to 500.00 euros for each household with a dependent child, 300.00 euros for two-person households and 150.00 euros for single-person households. Our booking office will immediately apply 80% as a discount on your rate, while the remaining 20% can be used as a deduction in your tax declaration. 

Compliance with certain conditions is necessary to be able to use this credit:

- You must inform Campeggio Puntala S.r.l. that you are entitled to the vacation bonus and that you wish to use the vacation bonus established by art. 176 of the Decree Law to which you declare to be entitled.

- To this end you must transmit suitable documentation to Campeggio Puntala S.r.l. attesting the fulfilment of the requirements pursuant to art. 176 of the above Decree Law for the use of the above credit (the so-called vacation bonus or vacation tax credit), thus confirming that you are entitled to its use.






What new procedures are used for checking in?

We have implemented a new online check-in service, that is a webpage on our secure servers, accessible by clicking here, where you can enter the data of your entire group needed for registration for public safety purposes (important: use the correct 5-digit booking number stated on your booking confirmation). This computerised procedure, which is preferable to any other offline method, not only lets you save time on arrival and permits the automatic opening of the entrance, but also better protects everybody's health by reducing the procedures involving direct contact with our staff or possibly with other guests accidentally present to a minimum.



What kind of health-related checks must we undergo to enter the resort?

Upon your arrival, a reception team in the short-term parking lot set up for health screening will take the temperature of each member of your family or group.



Where can I pick up the keys of the mobile home/caravan?

Only the head of the family or group may come to the reception to pick up the keys of the accommodation or request a change of the pitch chosen during booking. We ask that the rest of the family or group wait in their vehicle.

How can I request a change of pitch?

We are aware that given their "wild" nature the characteristics of our pitches sometimes don't match the dimensions of your equipment, making it necessary to find a different spot. In this case you can call our help hotline, which you can reach at any time during the season. Please do not come to the reception. A member of our staff will come to you or give you instructions. This will avoid unnecessary personal contacts with others who can assist you remotely instead.


How are safety and interpersonal distancing ensured in the restaurants, supermarket and common indoor spaces?

We have prepared notices indicating the maximum number of users who may simultaneously be inside each space. As is the case in your hometowns, these notices will be displayed at the entrance of each space. The obligation to wear a mask at all times and to sanitize one's hands when entering the restaurants, the supermarket and the common indoor spaces remain rules whose observation is fundamental for everybody's health.

In the restaurants we have organised the dining area by setting up tables for the exclusive use by a single group or family (with at most 6 people per table) at a distance in strict compliance with government guidelines, so that a distance of at least 1 metre is guaranteed between the seats of two adjacent tables.

In the bars, supermarket and shops we have installed dispensers for alcohol-based disinfectants for autonomous access to self-service fridges and shelves.


What special measures will be applied for cleaning the sanitary facilities and maintaining distances between their users?

The guidelines contained in the latest relevant regional ordinance (Annex 2 to Ordinance No. 60 of the President of 27 May 2020) require that the conditions in common sanitary facilities must make it possible to keep a distance of at least 1 metre. Therefore, in areas without dividing walls between the furnishings and equipment we have instituted alternate use, indicating the sinks to be used with special green and white signs.

The cleaning procedure for the rooms and sanitary equipment calls for cleaning at least twice daily. Our own cleaning standard calls for more frequent cleaning which we will continue to apply. At the entrances to the corridors leading to the closed environments where the numerous enclosed showers/sinks/toilets are located, we have provided alcohol-based disinfectants which guests can use to disinfect the points of greatest contact themselves. However, we remind you that these areas are “open” and therefore well ventilated. We carry out a daily more in-depth disinfection using specific products that are sprayed onto all surfaces.


What exceptions are there for adults and children with respect to interpersonal distancing and "breathing etiquette"?

Since we cannot guarantee distancing between guests, use of masks is always obligatory, both indoors and outdoors.

The pitches and the spaces adjacent to the mobile homes for overnight stays are excepted from this rule. With regard to our equipped beach, we are still waiting to learn if these protection devices will also have to be worn under the beach umbrellas.

All playgrounds are open and accessible. We have set up signs regarding the recommended and mandatory measures, such as the use of masks for parents/guardians, who must supervise minors at all times, and keeping a physical distance between guests not belonging to the same group/family.

Playground equipment is disinfected at least twice daily (in the morning and in the evening), using particular treatments with hydrogen peroxide during which access will be closed for the necessary time.


Are mobile homes, Silverfield caravans and budget tent homes disinfected and safe?

Our accommodations are quite distant from each other, respecting the prescribed distance criteria, and they each have their own access with no areas in common.

In compliance with government guidelines, we carry out additional disinfection of all furnishings and, if applicable, air-conditioning systems using specific products. These exceptional measures supplement the already existing cleaning standards.

Are there any particular measures for using the free or private beach?

We currently control all access points to both the public beach and our exclusive beach. These access points can be opened only with an RFID pass card (or with a specific app to be installed on your mobile device) given only to our registered guests.

The distances between the beach umbrellas on our equipped beach are considerably greater than those required by the directives of the Region of Tuscany and the guidelines of the municipality of Castiglione della Pescaia. The public administration might on its own initiative allow us to enlarge the beach area destined for our sun beds and beach umbrellas also for the 2021 season. We consider this solution to be very suitable to maintain distancing as the best measure to protect the health of both paying guests on the private beach and guests on the free beach.

At the moment we don't know what rules will be applied to the public beach. Like you, at the time these FAQ are written we are waiting to find which protective devices will have to be worn and which safety distances will have to be observed. Below you will find the rules applicable during last year's beach season: Beach equipment must be set up so that there is a distance of at least 4 metres between umbrellas and at least 1.5 metres from the sun beds, mats or towels of any neighbours. Wearing a mask is not mandatory on the beach and in the water, but we still recommend that you carry one with you to access areas where keeping the interpersonal distance may be difficult and where spontaneous crowds might form in the time between 6 pm and 6 am.

If you have booked one of the services at our equipped beach, please remember that the days you can spend at the beach are not equal to the number of overnight stays you have booked. Due to the necessary disinfection procedures for the equipment that we make available to you, you can use the beach umbrellas and sun beds from 9 am until 7 pm from the day after your arrival until the day before your departure. Only once you are here will you be able to check for appropriately disinfected alternatives available for the missing days. Organise yourself accordingly, so that you don’t miss even one minute of sun, tanning and swimming in Punta Ala!


Are restaurant services, drinks and snacks guaranteed?

Certainly. Our two restaurants, Isolotto Cafè & Restaurant and Ristorante-Pizzeria Centrale, our bars and the beach kiosk fully comply with the safety regulations. We have also equipped each contact point with disinfectants.

We have reorganised the dining area by setting up tables for the exclusive use by a single group or family (for a maximum of 6 guests per table) at a distance in strict compliance with government guidelines, so that a distance of at least 1 metres is guaranteed between the seats of two adjacent tables. A reservation is more necessary than ever to ensure a place at a table. As in the past, we also offer a takeaway service for which you can choose from a scrollable menu that you can reach via a QR code or a special link.

In the bars we have installed dispensers for alcohol-based disinfectants for autonomous access to self-service fridges and shelves. To maintain a high anti-infection standard we use single-use sterile containers, you will be served by staff wearing personal protective equipment and, following the road already taken last year, you will safely pay at POS terminals disinfected after each contact.

Which forms of "contactless" payment are available?

We would like to remind you of the cashless nature of our company: since 2019 we do not accept any cash but only electronic payments in the entire resort; the most widely used electronic methods (from cash cards, credit cards and debit cards to numerous other electronic purses now available, such as Apple Pay and Google Pay or the innovative cashback platform "Satispay") are the only forms of payment accepted, not only for the transparency of the operations, but above all to avoid any contact with coins and banknotes. 


Are there any entertainment services for children and adults?

Young animators and artists, yoga and relaxation experts will keep you entertained during your holidays at the PuntAla Camp & Resort. 

They will do this in new ways, while complying with the safety protocols required by our strict protocol for hygiene and interpersonal distancing.

Regulations and conditions permitting, you will enjoy various types of live shows for the whole family in a specific area set up for evening entertainment. On sunny beach days you can drop off your school-age children or preschoolers at the Kids Club, where our team will keep them busy for up to 4 hours a day. 

These renewed entertainment proposals join the programme of the much appreciated film season "Silence on set – rolling!". Screenings will take place at the same location as in the past (the area near the Ristorante Pizzeria Centrale), always in compliance with anti-contagion measures and with new methods for using the service.


Apart from entertainment, which other activities and services are currently not guaranteed?

While we promise to do our best to offer some services and recreational/sports activities again as soon as possible, we must unfortunately inform you that the following activities and services:

  • until further notice: TV room, table tennis and beach volleyball
  • not available during the 2021 season: Junior Club; first-aid service (with the exception of the on-call service of a physician 24 hours a day).


How and in compliance with what measures can I rent sports equipment (for water sports and cycling)?

It is possible to rent dinghies and catamarans, surfboards, canoes and SUP boards with the usual schedules. If the equipment is used by several people (e.g. boats, canoes and pedal boats), its use is limited to members of the same group/family as registered during check-in. The disinfection of the equipment after each use is guaranteed in any case.


Will there be access points for vehicles with licence-plate checks? 

Yes, there will be, thus strengthening control over who enters and leaves the resort, making it possible for us to better track who passed through here and when. The purpose of this is to facilitate the application of potential health-related emergency procedures and to provide a more reliable monitoring service for the safety of everyone, guests and staff.

To be able to pass the access points, please make sure that you have communicated the licence plate number of your car, camper or motorcycle during the booking process, during the online check-in or during a subsequent contact with our offices, preferably by phone rather than in person at the reception to avoid unnecessary personal contacts with our staff who can assist you remotely instead.


PAYCARD PuntAla to avoid handling cash: what is it and why is it used?

Since the 2019 season we have eliminated cash and replaced it with the most modern and today even more secure electronic form of payment.

Following the introduction of the use of the electronic method as the only form of payment, even children who do not own cards can have their own tool: the PAYCARD PuntAla. With a debit card, credit card or cash card used in contactless mode at our payment terminals, nobody needs to handle coins or banknotes anymore. If you want to learn more about this exclusive electronic purse click here to read more.


Friends and family want to come visit me for the day. What should I tell them so that they can visit me in full compliance with the necessary measures?

You can receive friends or family to spend the day with you at the beach or in the shade of your pitch - but only in compliance with the maximum capacity of the accommodation or the number of persons permitted per pitch (at most 6 people). In any case, health screening procedures and registration at the front office are always required. To lighten the workload of our staff and avoid crowding, we ask you to handle the procedure for requesting the daily pass and the subsequent reception of your guests beforehand by contacting us at the number of our hotline to receive instructions. This will avoid unnecessary personal contacts with our staff who can assist you remotely instead.




“What to do if …”

Do you experience COVID19 symptoms while you are on holiday at our resort? Follow these instructions without creating panic:

  • Contact your family doctor.
  • Avoid any contact with other guests of the resort.
  • Let us know, we will handle this information with full respect for your safety and privacy.
  • Scrupulously follow any instructions provided to you.

Remember that you can only be sure of a contagion following a swab test.



Where can I find the latest information on the state of the coronavirus infection in Tuscany?

To get information on the state of infection in our region and on the measures that have been adopted for using the tourism and bathing facilities along the cost you can access the tourism portal of the Region of Tuscany. Here you will find detailed and up-to-date reports on the state of the infection, on general measures adopted and on the procedures for access to services, museums and transportation. This is the link to the dedicated section on the official website:

I come from a foreign country and I would like to know the conditions for crossing the Italian borders, which government authority is the reference?

At this moment, all citizens from United Kingdom must observe a period of fiduciary isolation and undergo a double swab. This measure could be phased out or, according to the evolution of the pandemic, be more severe. The Italian institutional sites of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs offer updated and explanatory cards in our language and in English.