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Great Charity Lunch

A fund-raising event in favor of the Diabetology department of the Meyer Pediatric Hospital in Florence
On the third Sunday of September, at the end of the PuntAla Diabete Family Camp (14-16 September 2018), there will be the usual celebration lunch and charity lottery in favor of the department of diabetes of Meyer in Florence.

Will intervene, this time accompanied by their parents, the same boys suffering from diabetes who after participating in the first summer camp of 3-6 June accompained by the medical staff / health department of pediatric diabetology only , will return to Punta Ala for a new experience training, this time, together with the whole family.

Anyone wishing to join them and all the medical staff directed by her primary, Dr. Sonia Toni, to the volunteers of the Meyer Pediatric Hospital Foundation, to the entertainers of RDF 102.7 and Lady Radio-La Radio Viola (media partner of the initiative) and contribute to the cause can subscribe their partecipation with this link (in Italian only):


What better opportunity to support a right cause and do the last (maybe) dive into the sea?

For info / reservations, contact us with reference to lunch and have a special offer (or use this promotional code on-line: pranzo_meyer_2018)