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This section of the Tuscan archipelago is almost always calm or slightly choppy, especially in the afternoon and the temperature of the water varies between 18°C and 24°C during the summer months. The Campeggio PuntAla guarantees safe, clean water and holds certifications of international entities which control the environmental quality (Legambiente- 5 Vele Goletta Verde 2016).


Between May and September there are about 20 days of winds with a minimum intensity of 4bft. The sea breeze is constant with a rise in temperature during the afternoon. The winds are mainly from the west-north west (westerly winds and mistrals) interspersed with days of very hot, blustery sirocco winds. Rare, but not improbable, are the Libeccio (south-westerly) winds on the cusp between July and August.



Punta Ala is renowned for being one of the most sheltered spots from bad weather along this stretch of the Tuscan coast. It is protected to the north-north west by the promontory of Piombino and Monte Capanne on the Island of Elba that preclude interference of the colder currents coming from the north or rain and humidity laden from the sea. There are usually about 70/80 days of sunny days and good weather during the summer months from June to September. In the daytime, the temperatures, mitigated by the sea, range between 24° and 28°C, with rare peaks up to 34°C on the more humid days when the sirocco wind blows, whereas in the evening,, especially in the pine forest, the temperatures are pleasantly cooler, between 18° and 20° C. We recommend bringing sweaters with you). Weather permitting, in the months of April and May when the spring days are longer, after dinner there are often spectacular sunsets between Cerboli and Salivoli. For the real enthusiasts of outdoor living, the month of October (statistically the one with the most rain)- a period of the year in which the Mediterranean scrub is repopulated by fauna (squirrels, wild boar, etc.) - offers moments of absolute peace and relaxation surrounded by the warm autumn colours and the lush vegetation of the Maremma.

Forecasts of wind changes or conditions that are not ideal for going out to sea, knowing in real time the weather conditions forecast in the short term (maximum up to 3 days) is essential for all those who practice water sports such as sailing with the PuntAla Sailing School. Guests are invited to contact the secretary of the Centro Velico Punta Ala, with office on the Camping site during the open season at the following email address:
- tel. +39 0564 922294