Are you visiting our resort for a sport event or for spending a day on the beach to discover our destination?

Find out how to do


Why isn’t there a swimming pool?

How far away from the sea is the Camping site?

Are the pitching areas in the shade?

Can I bring my cat or dog?

What is included in the price as equipment in the homes? Do I have to bring anything?

How far away from the nearest town is the Camping site?

Is there any public transport to and from the main centres?

Why can’t I book the dates of my vacation that I prefer?

Are there any animations for children?

Why aren’t motor scooters and motorbikes allowed inside the Camping site?

Is there free WiFi?

How much electrical cord should I bring?

It is necessary or obligatory to book in the restaurants?

Where can I buy an electrical cord?

Can I pitch a tent in the area of my campervan?

I forgot my tent at home, do you sell or rent tents that belong to you?

Is there a doctor on site?

What should I do in case of an emergency?

Can I purchase the half/full board services when I’m already there?

Is there a limit to the number of people for occupying the homes and areas?

Is there a bicycle storage area inside the Camping site?

What do I have to do to participate in the fidelity programme?

Do you carry out or have you recently carried out disinfestations of the mosquitoes?

Will I find all the necessary equipment on site for playing tennis and for the sailing lessons?

Can I park my car in the area?

Do you carry out differentiated waste collection?

What are the opening hours for the half/full board services?

Are the accommodation facilities equipped with camp beds and other specific equipment for children?

Is there sufficient room for putting a cot or camp bed inside the home?