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Mid-August 2023

It’s now time to reveal you the Mid-August party theme: the Aladdin story. Here below the program of a memorable day, full of emotion gathering our guests together.  

This magic story and the characters, well-known by all generations will be embodied by the Fun Crew AnimaVera. For this occasion, they will cosplay princes and princesses, thieves and genie of the lamp and take together anybody who wants to join us till late at night. 


Are you ready for this? 


Well done! It’s not only for little cosplayer: adults may join the invitation.


Bring your own cosplay apparel, not matter if you are an adult or a child, details will make the difference: turbans, colourful gilet and sash, bracelets and fez, long and fluffy clothes or large arab pants. 




Let’s light up the lamp and get ready to spend a day and night long together! 




At 10 o’clock on the beach open games for children, teens and adults. The participation will be organized in teams to push a friendly competitive atmosphere. 

At 11:30, after the games, let’s all dance in groups on the beach. A dedicated soundtrack only for this activity. Music is going to start at 10 o’clock only for the Mid-August party and to warm up the atmosphere. 



At 4pm a challenging scavenger hunt inside the camping ground. The competitions will be in the main services area, not to disturb the residential areas. It’s a perfect chance to test your observation capacity and your ability to solve rebus. 



At 9:15pm we meet at the stage for the Disco Shake, following, an entertainment Aladdin show for the whole family. On stage an emotional musical showing the adventure of characters of the novel. 

At 10:30pm let’s go again to the beach for the beach party and the midnight swim. The music will go on since the early evening until late at night for a memorable party. 


Save the date! We are waiting for you and spend magic moments with you, playing games, trilling shows, dancing and lot of fun!