Are you visiting our resort for a sport event or for spending a day on the beach to discover our destination?

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Cashback & loyalty programme

Spend your holiday at PuntAla: get advantages by booking accommodations and using the camp site's facilities

Get your cashback

Register with Satispay and use it at PuntAla: every purchase made at one of the resort's commercial activities generates a credit in the form of a cashback that will be refunded immediately and credited back to the app.

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Get coins

Coins are the tools of a points-collection programme that lets you earn discounts on overnight stays and much more: coins are obtained at the end of each stay and can be accumulated until the end of the 2021 season.

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The cashback programme

Register with Satispay

With Satispay, you can transfer money to your contacts and pay in shops as easily and directly as sending a chat message. Satispay is independent from credit cards, any specific bank and phone service providers: this makes it advantageous for businesses and consumers. Satispay uses only safe and non-sensitive data since it works without credit cards. Your phone number and IBAN are all you need.

Make purchases at the resort and obtain a cashback

Every purchase you make using the app during your stay with us generates a credit in the form of a cashback. A total of 3% of the value of your purchase will be refunded immediately and credited back to the app. Your can then spend your "refund" at our resort or in one of over 100,000 shops in Italy and soon also all over Europe.

The loyalty programme

Last season 2021!

The programme

In this programme you will collect points (coins) which you can use to:

  • Get free nights and discounts on your stays
  • Enjoy special rates
  • Earn special advantages during your stay


  • Anyone who already took part in the previous editions (starting from 2014) can participate.
  • Anyone of age who has already enjoyed a stay at a cost of at least 100.00 euros can apply to become a new member.
  • Any family member within the 1st degree of kinship who is presented by an existing member in one of the membership levels.

How to obtain coins

When you book a stay at the PuntAla Camp & Resort.

How coins work

The coins work just like money. Each coin has a value of 1.00 euro and can be used during your stay to pay for accommodations, restaurant services, beach services or at some of the affiliated commercial activities.

How to use coins

You can start using your coins as soon as they become available (48 hours after check-out). When you book your next stay, you can deduct any available coins from your holiday’s total cost. At the resort you can exchange them for additional overnight stays, restaurant services, beach services or at some of the affiliated commercial activities.

How to increase your coin balance

You can increase your coin balance by purchasing stays and services. As you move up in the membership levels, becoming a Smart, Plus or Premium Guest, the conversion rate of your stays will increase to up to 5%.

Other advantages reserved for participants

One of the advantages of the Loyalty Programme is the access to special conditions and promotions reserved exclusively for some members of the programme.

Conditions and methods for joining

The first condition is the formal registration with the programme.

Check your balance and display your electronic badge

The badge in electronic format will always be with you on your smartphone or other mobile device.

You can save it among your browser’s bookmarks or keep a copy in your photo gallery. You can also print it out to show it. The cash registers of the participating commercial activities (restaurants Isolotto and Centrale and our supermarket) are set up to read the code assigned to each user. To activate the code use your personal credentials to log into the programme’s management page.

Check your coin balance

Read the Information Leaflet and complete the application form now (PDF) >

Full regulation of the awards programme (PDF) >