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Camping with your dog in Punta Ala in Tuscany

To satisfy the growing demand for accommodation with your pet, we have decided to grant "on request" the possibility of staying in the company of your dog!

Considering every single question, we will keep under control according to the size, race and accommodation chosen in the campsite, the distribution of the crews with their dog, to guarantee a peaceful holiday of tranquility and hygiene for everyone.

If and when your request is accepted (download the form), we invite you to read the following rules of conduct in addition to article 24 of our residence contract, to which we refer you for a more in-depth reading.


·   Always use a leash and keep a muzzle and bags with you to collect his droppings

·   Never leave your pet alone on the pitch

For your walks together, go outside the structure where you will find almost infinite woods and spaces and collect the excrement with the appropriate bags. You can dispose of them with the undifferentiated bag collected door to door.

o get to the sea, follow these instructions: walk along the access paths to the sea, then along the shoreline to your right or left. The only accessible stretches of beach are: the one of Punta Ala, on your left looking at the sea, 2 km from our campsite (Bau Beach of Casetta Civinini); the one of Scarlino, on the right looking at the sea, beyond the grey umbrellas, before the embankment on the Alma river.

However, we refer you to the current legislation, with references to the municipal ordinances of Castiglione della Pescaia and Scarlino.

To reach the shopping center and restaurants, you can walk the ring of streets consisting of via PuntAla, via Costiera, via Mare as well as via Confine. Remember that access to the market and playgrounds is always forbidden to animals.


Finally, if you need other services for you and for those accompanying you, contact the reception for any contact with dog-sitters and pet boarding houses.


Enjoy your 6-legged holiday with us, you won't regret it!