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Enjoy, Respect, Punta Ala!

Punta Ala is a tourist destination of extraordinary beauty, but we know how to keep it that way, and everyone who visits it must contribute towards making it more liveable by maintaining courteous and correct behaviour in the interests of the entire community. 

With this philosophy from the 2008 tourist season we disseminated the environmental decalogue containing 10 eco-friendly suggestions to our younger guests (who have since become adults). Not only that, in the project containing it, called PuntalAmbiente, we have implemented other activities and good practices that many of you have adopted and made part of your everyday city life.

Ten years after its conception, 2019 is marking the moment of a new, richer and even more ambitious draft: with #EnjoyRespectPuntaAla we intend to expand the awareness-raising campaign to the entire destination area, from the tourist marina to the mouth of the River Alma, and to the people who visit the beaches and traverse the hinterland on foot, by bike or on horseback. The goal remains the same: to be aware of incorrect behaviour, but above all, to bear in mind what the "good practices" are for living in the natural context correctly and for better organising one's holiday.


Only in this way, we believe it is possible to guarantee the civil coexistence and protection of the rights of everyone living in this precious location, in full respect of the environment, the wildlife and the environmental heritage where they find themselves.



LATEST NEWS 2019: Plastic? No thanks! The process towards a "plastic-free" holiday starts from the snacks you eat at our bar, before moving on to the market. All details soon on our website.