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Smoking is harmful to people and the environment

We have made this controversial choice to provide stronger protection for people’s health and for the environment and are aware that some guests may strongly disagree … but we also believe that most will appreciate our decision.


An infinite number of stubs! Season after season, careless smokers have thrown thousands of cigarette butts into our precious environment, both within the resort and on the public beach. While we can only make recommendations for the latter and leave the task of raising awareness to the public administrations, we are determined to ensure stronger protection for our natural environment and the people who stay at the resort.

To this end, smoking will be banned everywhere within the boundaries of PuntAla Camp & Resort as well as on our private equipped stretch of beach. Exceptions are the private outdoor spaces of the accommodations (i.e. the patios and decks) as well as some special smoking areas near the sanitary facilities and in some cases close to the restaurants and entertainment venues.

This ban, which will be included formally in our Accommodation Contract, may lead to fines that management may impose on the most “incorrigible” smokers who break this new rule. At the end of the season, the entire sum collected will be donated to the Tuscany Environment Foundation, which is active with some projects in our area.



Prevention before all else: for the health of our little guests and for our pine forest!

We have instituted this ban because it is well known that passive smoking is as harmful to non-smokers as smoking is to smokers of tobacco and electronic cigarettes. For this reason, the smoking areas are located far away from the playgrounds and the entertainment spaces for our youngest guests. These reserved areas will be equipped with large ashtrays to collect the cigarette stubs in order to avoid them being thrown into our dry environment which is increasingly at risk of fires.

Due to a lack of relevant legal provisions, use of so-called “vapes” will not be prohibited, even though we ask you to please refrain from their use out of consideration for others.