Are you visiting our resort for a sport event or for spending a day on the beach to discover our destination?

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Your training 50 metres from the sea

Individual and group classes from June 17 to September 2, 2024.

Crossfit Camp/Clinic from opening to closing in low season
On weekends all season long (reservations required)


Give strength and elasticity to your body while enjoying the outdoors, with a variety of high-intensity exercises and functional movements. Practice a complete discipline and an excellent stress reliever out in the sun and just a few steps from the sea.


Cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, muscular endurance (stamina), strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy.

Customised programmes

To optimise each person's physical ability in their preferred areas of fitness we have prepared customised packages. Come and see us to discover the programme that is right for you.

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tel:+39 349 8816427


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