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The Centro Velico Punta Ala was founded at the beginning of the seventies by the owners of the Camping site where it is housed and which gave it its name. Thanks to passion for the sea, wind and adventure of its founders, the teaching activities increased and developed at the same time as the tourist-incoming activities. The synergies created over the years melded together in 2006 with the founding of the Circolo Velico Cala Civette, a sports association through which the sailing school organises events dedicated to national and international sailing.


Beginners, individual or group courses for those wanting to approach the world of sailing. The courses can be held with a crew of two or more and the instructor is normally on board to guide the learning process. No minimum knowledge or previous experience is required, just the desire to embark on a new adventure. Among the aims of the course is the teaching of the nomenclature of the boat so that students are able to recognise every part and know its function, as well as the roles on board, and the launching and mooring of the craft in total safety. More technical notions will also be provided linked to safe movement onboard, safety in the water and how to autonomously arm and disarm the craft.

Learning to Sail
Basic course

Learning to Sail
Intermediate course

Learning to Sail
Advanced course

La flotta

Laser Bahia

Designed to offer stability, security and high performance, it has a comfortable and spacious cockpit that can accommodate five adults. It is suitable for the whole family as well as those who want to try their hand at racing in regattas. Ideal for children’s courses, or groups, these boats allow for gaining an in-depth knowledge of the sailing traditions and seamanship. In addition, if the wind becomes strong, by hoisting the gennaker, they offer the thrill of exciting long glides over the waves.

Hobie Cat Pacific

The higher performing Formula18 Hobiecat Tiger is perfect for the sailing school or for families. It is suitable for lessons, easy to pilot: an ideal catamaran for learning to sail on two hulls. Fast, adrenalin-boosting, acrobatic and at the same time, safe and comfortable, the Hobiecat Pacific endows strong emotions while simultaneously guaranteeing a lesson in total tranquillity. Catamarans are entertaining and versatile sea craft. When the wind is low or calm, it is the perfect craft for beginners, even very young ones, who want to approach sailing, because thanks to its structure, it still moves relatively quickly thus allowing for all the manoeuvres to be carried out and understood more fully.


For years this has been an Olympic discipline and it has always been one of the most spectacular sports that gives unbelievable emotions. The Centro Velico makes windsurf equipment availab+F5le for beginners as well as for the more seasoned windsurfers, with boards and sails that allow for starting off and also for progressing in an easy manner.