Capalbio: beaches, what to see and how to get there

12 settembre 2023 16:06

Capalbio, called the Pearl of Tuscany, is an enchanting village steeped in history and charm, located close to Monte Argentario. This town is distinguished by its historical centre, perched on a hill, and embellished by well-preserved medieval walls and an imposing castle. But that's not all: there are also luxurious villas, exclusive clubs, and the possibility of undertaking exciting excursions into the heart of southern Tuscany.


Capalbio's attractions include unique monuments such as the Nana Fontaine, the medieval walls, the Rocca Aldobrandesca and the Piazza Magenta, as well as the WWF Oasis of Lake Burano. Capalbio's beaches extend along a 12 km coastline, with quiet areas such as Playa Torba, or more exclusive ones like Macchiatonda. There are also the suggestive coves of Monte Argentario, which consecrate Capalbio as a true treasure of the Tuscan coastline. The multiplicity of attractions, from exquisite cuisine to the tranquillity of the countryside, makes Capalbio an irresistible destination.



Capalbio: The Tuscan Pearl between History and Nature, A Journey through a Medieval Village, Refined Beaches and Unique Attractions


Capalbio, for many is a refined place, for some romantic, and undoubtedly a Tuscan village to be discovered.


Capalbio, located near Monte Argentario, boasts a historical heritage that stretches from ancient times to the present in the field of maritime tourism. The historical centre, located on a hill about 300 metres high, is embraced by well-preserved walls and dominated by a medieval castle, which offers magnificent views of the sea and the Tuscan Archipelago.

Accessible only on foot, the village is perfect for exploring fascinating corners and romantic settings.


Capalbio, for years the favourite destination of the Roman elite, now offers a variety of opportunities, from family-friendly beaches to wild-looking free beaches and exclusive villas and clubs. Not only the sea: from Capalbio one can organise exciting trips to southern Tuscany, without forgetting the charm of the village, the exquisite cuisine and the tranquillity of the countryside.

Capalbio's attractions are unique: from the bizarre monument of Nanà Fontaine, reminiscent of Gaudi, to the medieval and Renaissance walls, from the Rocca Aldobrandesca to the picturesque Piazza Magenta. Also noteworthy are the Parish Church of San Nicola, the colourful Tarot Garden, the WWF Oasis of Lake Burano and the varied beaches of Capalbio Scalo. A varied and extensive hotel offer satisfies every need, from a romantic stay in the old town centre to a lively seaside experience and relaxation in the country farmhouses.



The beaches of Capalbio


Playa Torba


Located in Capalbio Scalo, 10 km from the historic village, Playa Torba is part of a unique 12 km long coastline that extends to the borders of Lazio and Orbetello. The beach offers dark, heavy sand that, despite the sandy bottom, makes the sea surprisingly clear. It is a quiet, mostly free area where one can enjoy the calm of the clean sea with the convenience of access and the surrounding Mediterranean vegetation.



Continuing southwards, one reaches Macchiatonda, famous for the exclusive club La Macchia, but not only. The beach also offers other establishments and a free area, making it accessible to all. The proximity to the WWF oasis of Lake Burano adds a special charm to this location.

Ultima Spiaggia at Chiarore


The Ultima Spiaggia (Last Beach) is located at the southern end of the Capalbio coastline, in the locality of Chiarone. This beach is a must for those who want to experience the Tuscan seaside.


Beaches and coves around Capalbio


The beaches in Capalbio are not limited to these wonderful locations. With a means of transport such as a car, you will have the opportunity to explore, to discover, the beaches and small picturesque coves of Monte Argentario, which is only a short distance away, reachable in a time span of only 40 minutes. The variety of the seabed, which is shallow, the sand that appears clear and the vegetation, thick with Mediterranean scrub, make up a picture, a panorama, unique and enchanting, that consecrates Capalbio as an authentic, a true treasure of the Tuscan coastline.



What to see in Capalbio


Capalbio, a small village in Tuscany, offers a variety of attractions, both in the historic centre and nearby. Below is a detailed analysis of the main ones:


Walls and Porta Senese

The ancient village of Capalbio is surrounded by medieval and Renaissance walls. It is possible to walk along the walls, accessing them from Piazza Magenta. The Porta Senese, adorned with a Medici coat of arms, provides the main entrance to the village.

Rocca Aldobrandesca
This 11th-century fortress, with its elegant L-shaped architecture, is located at the highest point of the village. A visit to the Rocca offers a breathtaking panoramic view and a room dedicated to Giacomo Puccini.


Piazza Magenta

The small square is the hub of town life, full of events and adorned with flowers, ideal for taking romantic photos.


Parish Church of San Nicola

The Pieve di San Nicola is a religious building known for its Romanesque style with Gothic and Renaissance elements. The interior frescoes are particularly valuable.


Nana Fontaine

At the entrance to the historic village, one comes across the Nanà Fontaine, a generously shaped and brightly coloured statue, a work reminiscent of Antonio Gaudí. Recently restored, the statue has returned to its original function as a fountain.


Tarot Garden

Less than 10 km from Capalbio, the Tarot Garden is a colourful and lively art park. The author of Dwarf Fontaine, Niki de Saint Phalle, has created tarot-inspired statues, covered in mosaics, in a magical space.


Lake Burano WWF Oasis

The WWF Oasis of Lake Burano, located near Capalbio, is a highlight in the Italian natural landscape. It is not simply a lake, but a 140-hectare pond, distinguishing itself as the first WWF oasis in Italy. It offers a specially laid out path for visitors to observe more than 300 species of birds, as well as other wonders of flora and fauna, in their natural habitat.

Map of Capalbio

How to get to Capalbio


For those wishing to reach Capalbio by car, the main road is the SS1 Aurelia. It can be accessed from the A12 if arriving from the south or from the Firenze-Siena motorway junction if arriving from the north. Getting to Capalbio by public transport is easy thanks to the frequent train connections. The Capalbio station is located on two vital lines, the Rome-Pisa and the Rome-Genoa, so connections are quite frequent. Alternatively, you can arrive at the nearby station of Grosseto and from there continue to your destination by bus. The closest airport to Capalbio is not in Tuscany but in Lazio: it is Rome Fiumicino, the most important airport in Italy, located about 122 km away. The closest Tuscan airport is Pisa, at about 215 km.


Where Capalbio is located

Capalbio is located in the province of Grosseto, in northern Tuscany. It is closer to Rome than to Florence: the distance is about 140 km in the case of the former, 200 km in the case of the latter. It is 130 km from Siena and 210 km from Pisa.