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Cookie policy

Policy on the use of cookies

Campeggio PuntAla S.r.l., Tax Code 01233070539, headquartered in 58043 Punta Ala, Castiglione della Pescaia, Grosseto, Italy (henceforth, “Campeggio” or “Company”) issues the present Extended policy on the use of cookies on the website domain (henceforth “Site”), in compliance with the requirements of the national regulation (Italian Legislative Decree no. 196 of 30 June 2003, Code on the protection of personal data) and EU regulation (General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Reg. 196/2016) as amended.

  1. A. What are cookies and for what are they used?

Cookies are small text files that the sites you visit as a user send directly to your terminal equipment (usually your browser). Your terminal equipment stores them and they are sent back to that site the next time you visit. These are called first-party cookies. As you navigate through a site, your terminal equipment may receive cookies from other sites or servers. These are called third-party cookies. This can happen when the site you visit features elements hosted on servers other than the one hosting the page you are visiting. This could include images, maps, sounds or specific links to websites belonging to other domains. In other words, these cookies are set by a website that is not the one you are visiting at the time. Cookies cannot request any other data from your hard drive, nor can they transmit computer viruses or acquire email addresses. Each cookie is unique to the web browser you are using. Some functions of cookies may be required by other forms of technology. In the present document, the term ‘cookie’ is used to refer to cookies themselves as well as to similar technologies. The period of time for which cookies are stored is dictated by their expiry date (or by a specified action, such as closing the browser). This is set upon their being stored. There are session cookies: these are used to store data temporarily. They allow for actions performed during a specific session to be linked to each other, but are removed from your computer as soon as you close the browser. There are also persistent cookies: these are used to store data such as usernames and passwords, so that you, the user, do not have to enter those details every time you visit a given site. They are stored and remain on your computer even after you have closed the browser. We use cookies for various functions. Some are necessary to allow you to navigate the Site and make use of its functionalities. These are called technical cookies. They are always first-party cookies, set directly by Campeggio from the Site. Other cookies are used to gather statistical data, aggregated and not, on the number of users accessing the Site and on how the Site is being used. These are called analytical cookies. Finally, some cookies are used to track your consumer profile and show you advertisements within the Site that may be of interest to you, based on your consumer preferences and habits. These are called profiling cookies.

To understand the various types of cookies the Site uses, please continue reading this policy. It provides details on how cookies work and why we use them. You can then freely choose whether to accept or block them.

  1. B. Which cookies does Campeggio use and for what purposes?

Technical Cookies

The Site uses technical cookies to allow you to proceed through the Site and make use of its functionalities. Some technical cookies are necessary in order to provide the best possible user experience or to authorise you to perform certain activities on the Site, such as making a purchase through it or entering a restricted area. These are called navigation cookies. They are usually session cookies meaning that, once you close your browser, they are automatically disabled.

Other technical cookies are used to store some of your preferences, such as language or country of origin, so that you do not have to re-select these each time you visit the site. For that reason, these cookies (referred to as functional cookies) are usually persistent cookies. Each one is stored on your computer and remains there after your close your browser, until its expiration date or until you decide to erase it.

Campeggio currently uses the following first-party technical cookies on its Site:




First-party technical cookie


Accepting use of cookies

Under the privacy regulations in force, your prior consent is not required for this type of cookie to be used. You are free to block technical cookies from being saved on your terminal equipment by changing your browser settings (please see paragraph C for details on how to do this). However, we suggest you consider that blocking the use of technical cookies or removing them after they have been stored may (in part or in full) compromise your ability to access the Site, make use of the Site, enable or disable certain functionalities on it and receive certain services.

Analytical cookies

The Site uses analytical cookies to gather aggregate statistical data on the number of users accessing the Site and how they use it. You may at any time block analytical cookies from being stored on your terminal equipment without this having any compromising effect on your ability to access the Site and use its content. To learn how, please access the policy on analytical cookies through the link provided in the table above and read the information carefully.

Profiling cookies

The purpose of profiling cookies is to create a profile of you as a user, as you request and use services. This is done in order to calculate discounts and manage promotions that may then be added to your account, as well as to send you advertisements in line with the preferences you have shown while surfing the web. The privacy regulations currently in force require us to obtain your prior consent in order to use of this type of cookie. For this reason, when you access certain parts of the Site that use this type of cookie, a banner will pop up informing you that (i) profiling cookies are being used on this part of the Site and (ii) by closing the banner, scrolling down the page or clicking on any of the page's element outside of the banner, you give your consent for us to use these cookies. If you accept the use of cookies in this way, we will use a technical cookie to remember your consent. This means that on any future visits to these sections of the Site we will not have to show you the banner on cookies. Please consider that, should you delete this technical cookie from your browser via the methods provided in paragraph C, the Site will not remember your consent and you will therefore see the banner on cookies on each subsequent visit to these sections of the Site. You may of course block profiling cookies from being stored on your terminal equipment at any time without this having any compromising effect on your ability to access the Site and use its content. Deciding to deactivate advertisements based on your online behaviour does not prevent you from receiving other forms of advertising on the Site. It does however mean that the banners you see on the Site may not reflect your interests or the preferences of the browser you are using. The Company sets profiling cookies directly when you visit our Site. They are persistent and have a maximum duration of one month.

Third-party cookies

In order to collect information on how the Site is being used (number of visitors, pages viewed, visit duration, etc), Campeggio uses third-party analytical cookies on its Site. They come from third parties acting as Data Controllers in their own right. In order to use such cookies, we have adopted tools that reduce their power to identify you and tools to prevent the data collected from being merged with other data already in the third party’s possession. The third-party profiling cookies that Campeggio uses on its Site are installed by third parties, who act as Data Controllers in their own right. The privacy regulations currently in force require your consent for this type of cookie to be used. The Site does not have direct control over third-party cookies and does not have the capacity to control, install or delete them. In any event, you may manage these cookies by changing your browser settings (please follow the instructions below), or on the sites provided in the “policy and consent” section. As a User we invite you to give your consent on the third-party site(s) listed in the table below. Here is a list of the third parties currently using analytical and profiling cookies on the Site, including a link to the informative pages that their developers have created:


Google Analytics


Third-party profiling cookie It is an analytical tool belonging to Google that collects anonymous site navigation information (the last octet of an IP address) and only in aggregated form, in order to analyse how users make use of the Site, to compile reports on the Site’s activity and to provide other data, such as the number of visits and the pages viewed. Google may also transfer this information to third parties where required by the Law or where third parties process the data on Google’s behalf. Google will not link your IP address to any other data in Google’s possession. Data transferred to Google are stored on Google’s server in the United States.


These cookies are used to store information that does not permit you to be personally identified as a user.

Further information on Google Analytics cookies may be found at the page Google Analytics Cookie Usage on Websites:

You may install Google’s opt-out browser add-on by going to

The add-on allows you to customise which data is collected by Google Analytics.

For further information on Google’s use and processing of data, please visit Google’s own informative pages on the topic and the page “How Google uses information from sites or apps that use our services”.






Hotjar cookie. This cookie is set once a visitor interacts with a Survey invitation modal popup. It is used to ensure that the same invite does not re-appear if it has already been shown.

365 days


Hotjar cookie. This cookie is set once a visitor completes a poll using the Feedback Poll widget. It is used to ensure that the same poll does not re-appear if it has already been filled in.

365 days


Hotjar cookie. This cookie is set once a visitor minimizes a Feedback Poll widget. It is used to ensure that the widget stays minimizes when the visitor navigates through your site.

365 days


Hotjar cookie. This cookie is set once a visitor submits their information in the Recruit User Testers widget. It is used to ensure that the same form does not re-appear if it has already been filled in.

365 days


Hotjar cookie. This cookie is set once a visitor minimizes a Recruit User Testers widget. It is used to ensure that the widget stays minimizes when the visitor navigates through your site.

365 days


Hotjar cookie. This session cookie is set to let Hotjar know whether that visitor is included in the sample which is used to generate funnels.

365 days


This cookie is set when a visitor minimizes or completes Incoming Feedback. This is done so that the Incoming Feedback will load as minimized immediately if they navigate to another page where it is set to show.

365 days


Hotjar cookie. This cookie is set when the customer first lands on a page with the Hotjar script. It is used to persist the random user ID, unique to that site on the browser. This ensures that behavior in subsequent visits to the same site will be attributed to the same user ID.

365 days


Si tratta di cookies di terze parti tecnici o analitici o di profilazione di durata di 1 anno, che permettono di raccogliere informazioni statistiche aggregate sull’utilizzo del Sito da parte degli utenti. Tali dati sono acquisti in forma anonima.

Per maggiori informazioni sulle policy di HotJar visitare il link

L’utente può disabilitare la registrazione dei dati da parte di Hotjar cliccando sul seguente link e seguendo le istruzioni ivi riportate o attivando l’opzione "Do Not Track" nel suo browser.

Social network plugins

The Site also uses social media plugins and/or buttons to allow our content to be easily shared on your preferred social network. These plugins are programmed not to use any cookies upon you accessing the page, in order to safeguard user privacy. Finally, any cookies set by the social network are only used if you, the user, actively use the plugins, at your own discretion. Please note that if you are using your browser while logged into a given social network, you have already consented to that social network’s use of cookies upon signing up to such a social network.

The collection and use of data obtained via plugins is governed by the privacy policy of the social network in question. Please refer to the following addresses for further information:

Facebook (,

Instagram (,

Tripadvisor (,

Youtube e Google+ (

Transferring data to countries outside the EU

This Site may share some data it collects with services located outside the territory of the European Union. This particularly concerns Google, Facebook and Instagram, by way of social network plugins, and Google Analytics. Such data transfer is permitted under specific decisions adopted by the European Union and the Italian Data Protection Authority, with particular regards to decision 1250/2016 (Privacy Shield) (please see the Italian Data Protection Authority’s informational page Further authorisation is therefore not required for this purpose. All the aforementioned companies have committed to abiding by Privacy Shield.

  1. C. How to manage cookies and object to their being used

Currently, a banner appears upon accessing the home page or any other page within the Site. By continuing to navigate the Site, proceeding to other sections of it or selecting any other element within the Site, you automatically consent to the use of cookies. You may object to cookies being stored on your hard drive by disabling them in the settings of the browser you are using. Here are some links to help you do this on the major browser providers:


However, once you have blocked these cookies, the Site may no longer function correctly. You may disable third-party cookies by changing the settings of the browser you are using or by opting out directly through the third-party in question, by clicking on the link in the “Policy and consent” column of the above table, or by visiting:

  1. D. How we process data and how long we store it for

As explained in the introduction, the Company uses cookies to collect and process your personal data directly from its Site (first-party cookies). In accordance with the GDPR, the Company acts as the Data Controller of such data.

Any data acquired through the use of cookies may be communicated and/or shared as part of the contractual relationship the Company has with you, for purposes connected to that contract, for displaying reviews or for commercial and promotional activities relating to the Company’s products; furthermore, they may be communicated to:

  • • staff in the office and/or at the company acting as Data Processor and responsible for handling the paperwork for the services you have requested; such staff are duly trained in data security and privacy rights;
  • • Financial Authorities, Tax Police Units, the Italian Finance Guard, Labour Inspectors Committee and any other entity authorised to perform checks and controls on compliance, within the limitations of the aforementioned purposes;
  • • Trade Associations and Tax Advice Centres, in order to carry out services within the limitations of the aforementioned purposes or for professional studies that Campeggio has commissioned them to carry out using our data. For these entities to “process” the data, they must identify the subjects to whom specific roles and responsibilities are to be entrusted.

The data in question shall be processed:

- in any type of paper and electronic format;

- by subjects authorised for the purpose, who shall always be identified, suitably trained and made aware of the relevant legal obligations and implications;

- with a commitment to always keep the data up-to-date, including the removal of any data that is obsolete, not necessary or not relevant;

- with a commitment to adopting all legally required organisational and security measures, in order to preserve the data subject’s confidentiality and avoid the data being accessed unnecessarily by third parties or at all by unauthorised persons.

Personal data collected shall be stored only for a period of time strictly necessary to fulfil the purpose for which it is being processed.

Some of our employees and partners, who Campeggio appoints as data processors, may perform maintenance activities on the IT systems where your data is stored but will never have access to the actual content of such data. Your personal data may be stored on servers managed by third parties (e.g. IT system providers) or may be managed by specialists in online advertising, who act as external data processors; the Company appoints, in writing, such figures specifically as external data processors.

Please note that, within the limitations of these terms as well as those of the GDPR, your data may be transferred to countries that do not belong to the European Economic Area and that may not offer a level of privacy and data protection that meets that guaranteed by Italian and European privacy laws; however, in our capacity as Data Controller we take the security of your data extremely seriously and therefore handle such transfers with due caution and with the appropriate guarantees in place. We will never communicate your personal data to third party data controllers, nor shall we share it.

  1. E. Your rights

The Data Controller for the personal data in question is Campeggio PuntAla S.r.l., Tax Code 01233070539, headquartered in 58043 Punta Ala, Castiglione della Pescaia, Grosseto, Italy tel. +390564922254 fax. +390564920379, e-mail; the data processors are Campeggio PuntAla S.r.l. employees and/or partners.

To exercise your rights or obtain further information or clarification on the present Cookies Policy, please contact the Data Controller by any of the following methods:

  • • Send your request by recorded delivery to the Data Controller's headquarters (address 58043 Punta Ala, Castiglione della Pescaia, Grosseto, Italy);
  • • Send an email to the address

Pursuant to the GDPR, Campeggio, as the Data Controller, informs you, as the user, of your right to obtain information regarding (i) the source of the personal data; (ii) the purposes and methods of processing it; (iii) the logic applied, where data is processed using electronic tools; (iv) the Data Controller’s and any data processors’ identification details; (v) the subjects or types of subject to whom the data may be communicated or who may come to have access to the data as a data processor.

As a user, you also have the right to:

  1. a) access, update, rectify or, when there is a purpose, add personal data;
  2. b) erase, transform into anonymous form or block data processed illegally, including that which does not need to be stored for the purposes for which said data was collected or processed at a later time;
  3. c) confirmation that the operations described under letters a) and b) were brought to their knowledge, also regarding their content, of those people to whom said data was communicated or disclosed, except for cases in which compliance with this point proves to be impossible or requires the use of methods which are disproportionate compared to the right being protected.

As a user, you also have:

  1. a) the right to withdraw your consent at any time, where the bases for the processing is your consent;
  2. b) (where applicable) the right to data portability (the right to receive all your personal data in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format), the right to limit the processing of your personal data and the right to erasure (the right to have that data deleted);
  3. c) the right to object to:
  4. i) the processing, in part or in full, for legitimate reasons, of your own personal data, including where the processing is pertinent to the purpose of the data collection;
  5. ii) the processing, in part or in full, of your own personal data for the purpose of sending advertising material or direct marketing or for market research or sales communications.
  6. d) the right, where you believe that the processing of your data breaches the GDPR, to lodge a complaint with the competent Control Authority (in the Member State in which you habitually reside, work or in which the alleged breach occurred). The Garante Privacy, or Italian Data Protection Authority, is the Control Authority in Italy. Its registered offices are at Piazza di Monte Citorio n. 121, 00186 - Rome


The Data Controller does not take responsibility for updating all the links included in the present Cookies policy. Thus, should you encounter a broken link, you recognise and accept that you should always refer to the document and/or section of the website to which each link refers.