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New operation beach cleaning with TEF and tartAmare (Save Sea Turtles)

August 10th has been elected our “Save the Environment of Punta Ala” to focus our attention to our beach destination.

Every year the sea brings back tons of cigarette butts on the beach.


We can forbid smoking inside the resort through a “non-smoking campaign”, but we cannot forbid smoking on the beach. So, we wish to attract the interest of people, adults and kids, with an eco-game.


The main purpose, considering that smoking hurts your health and the environment, aims to clean our beach from cigarette butts; the second purpose aims to avoid that cigarette butts pollute the sea and endanger turtles, namely the species Caretta Caretta. 

Here below the program of the initiative #enjoyrespectpuntaala, sponsored by our resort to protect the environment and supported by the Tuscany Environmental Foundation and the tartAmare volunteers:


  • At 10:00am meeting point at the Chiosco Spiaggia / Beach Bar with the Animavera Fun Crew to give away disposable gloves, garbage net and bin to collect cigarette butts.
  • At 12:00pm “game over”, let’s sum up the butts and disposal.
  • At 4:00pm meeting at the big stretch tent in front of the Isolotto Cafè & Restaurant with the Animavera Fun Crew. Quick conference of the tartAmare and T.E.F. volunteers with slides and suggestions how to protect the environment and the sea fauna.
  • Following on the beach and in the resort until 6pm awareness clinic to protect the sea turtle and other marine biodiversity.
  • At 9:00pm at the stage Centrale, before the disco shake, prize award ceremony for the contest winners and memento giveaway.


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