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The Campeggio PuntAla spreads out inside a Mediterranean pine forest, once an ancient hunting reserve of the Grand Duke of Tuscany. In the nineteen-twenties, the Daddi-Giovannozzi family bought the property where, in 1969, a small camping site was set up in the shade of six hectares of secular pine trees, for a holiday “a la naturale”. At the end of the nineteen-nineties the first comfortable, practical mobile homes were launched on the market, and thus the concept of the "made-to-measure vacation" was born, anticipating with a highly innovative offer, the trend of the international market of "open-air" tourism. Over the years the camping site has grown, becoming an open-air structure covering twenty-seven hectares and now an authentic “holiday park” with multipurpose opportunities of services and hospitality. Following the trends of the eco-tourism sector, in synergy with the sensitivity of environmental issues – the PuntAla Camping site works to recreate a “natural lifestyle”, an approach that has been acclaimed and rewarded by national and international environmental organisations.


The PuntAla Camping site has always paid great attention to the ecosystem, sustainable development and responsible use of the natural resources. The Camping site has complied with the protocol for improving the level of tourist reception “Welcome to Tuscany”, setting itself the goal of attaining universally recognised environmental certifications. For this purpose and preparatory reasons it has set up the project “PuntalAmbiente”. The programme consists of creating an environmental system structured according to the UNI EN ISO 14001standard, via which the Camping site intends to offer an incoming service that systematically includes the planning and monitoring of precise environmental goals, which also encourages the guests themselves to gain awareness of the environment and its protection.






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Why isn’t there a swimming pool?

How far away from the sea is the Camping site?

Are the pitching areas in the shade?

Can I bring my cat or dog?

What is included in the price as equipment in the homes? Do I have to bring anything?

How far away from the nearest town is the Camping site?

Is there any public transport to and from the main centres?

Why can’t I book the dates of my vacation that I prefer?

Are there any animations for children?

Why aren’t motor scooters and motorbikes allowed inside the Camping site?

Is there free WiFi?

How much electrical cord should I bring?

It is necessary or obligatory to book in the restaurants?

Where can I buy an electrical cord?

Can I pitch a tent in the area of my campervan?

I forgot my tent at home, do you sell or rent tents that belong to you?

Is there a doctor on site?

What should I do in case of an emergency?

Can I purchase the half/full board services when I’m already there?

Is there a limit to the number of people for occupying the homes and areas?

Is there a bicycle storage area inside the Camping site?

What do I have to do to participate in the fidelity programme?

Do you carry out or have you recently carried out disinfestations of the mosquitoes?

Will I find all the necessary equipment on site for playing tennis and for the sailing lessons?

Can I park my car in the area?

Do you carry out differentiated waste collection?

What are the opening hours for the half/full board services?

Are the accommodation facilities equipped with camp beds and other specific equipment for children?

Is there sufficient room for putting a cot or camp bed inside the home?


Camp & Resort PuntAla
58043 Loc. Punta Ala (GR)
Castiglione della Pescaia – Maremma Tuscany Italy

GPS: N 42°.50'.29" E 10°.46'.47"

Managing company:
Campeggio Puntala S.r.l.
Loc. Punta Ala
58043 Castiglione della Pescaia (GR) – Italy

Tel. 0039 0564 922294
Fax. 0039 0564 920379

Information and bookings:
10:00-17:00 from Monday to Friday (off season)
9:00-18:00 every day (in season)
Usually not available from early October to late January.

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